New to Vaping? Introducing Legion of Bloom

So were we, once!

We've scoured the state for a quality brand to bring our customers the vaping experience, and are happy to announce our partnership with Legion of Bloom. Their values align perfectly with ours and their products are a great alternative for flowers, when you're looking for a more convenient, on-the-go option.

Here's what you should know:


Legion of Bloom is a proud California company founded by five farmers who are passionate about cannabis. When you support the Legion, you’re supporting small-batch farmers who use sustainable methods to produce only the most natural cannabis.


Legion of Bloom uses simple ingredients for the highest quality experience. That means no adulterants and no filler, ever. They take pride in producing a clean, natural product that you can trust.


Legion of Bloom uses only the highest-quality terpenes to imbue our cartridges and pods with the taste and feel you expect from cannabis. Their products combine all the best parts of your favorite strain in a potent, portable vape experience.


Legion of Bloom's proprietary, cutting-edge extraction process produces cannabis extracts that combine the authentic taste and feel of smoking flowers with the convenience of a cannabis oil vaporizer.


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Learn more about Legion of Bloom here.