About Us

About Us

Organic Kind is your Farm Direct Organic Cannabis Delivery Service. Organic Kind has provided the local Los Angeles community with the finest smokable flowers as well as friendly and knowledgeable service since April 2014. Our mission is to offer the cleanest, most eclectic flowers grown in California. Our collective staff is happy to facilitate  an easy and reliable delivery of pesticide-free cannabis right to your doorstep. Enjoy!

Our Farms

We have three harvests each year: two ‚ÄúLight-Dep‚ÄĚ harvests occur in the early and late summer, followed by the larger Fall Harvest. This allows us to bring you the freshest possible sun-grown flowers all year long!

We grow our plants in soil using 100% organic ingredients and incorporate many bio-dynamic cultivation methods. We feed the soil, when then feeds the plants. 

Our unique drying and curing methods ensure that our sun-grown flowers retain the natural smell, taste and effect that they had upon harvest. This means that when you open your order and the fragrant cannabis scent floats up into your nose, you just inhaled a little aroma of the farm itself!

Organic Kind is proud to have you as a member. We operate the farm and delivery service like a family, and you are an integral part of that. We are proud to be a true collective: a closed-loop system whereby your dollars go directly to funding the farm operations.Not only are you buying the best quality and cleanest possible cannabis, but your patronage supports our local small business.

Organic Kind is a statewide cannabis delivery service, powered by Making You Smile, Inc. (License No. #C9-18-0000241-TEMP)