Dosi Jack - 4 Pack Mini Single Origin Prerolls

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4 premium mini prerolls filled with pure bud from our premium batch--rolled in organic hemp paper, for smooth smoking.

2g Total Ground Cannabis Flower per 4 Pack

A dose of Dosi Jack is unique in offering a particularly soothing yet energetic high, and will enliven the mind whilst providing the body the energy you might be after as that early afternoon lag hits. Not one for waking up in a morning, this is more a strain for those who need a splash of water in the face to reinvigorate them as the day goes on. Mouthwatering and saccharine sweet, the citrus lemon scent of this strain is only amplified upon lighting up, developing into a complex flavor profile that combines citric tang with peppery pine and sandalwood to deepen the enjoyment and set your tastebuds alight with warm spiciness.

Hybrid - 22.5% THC